Live Q&As and other Community Fun

  • By Liam Gallagher
  • 13 April 2021

Howdy everyone, I'd like to take a moment to tell you about the things we're doing at Scenario World to stay in touch with the community and let them be part of the unfolding story for our little game company as we make our narrative games. Today I want to focus on our Live Q&As, our game dicussion group the 2-Bit Game Club, our online reading group the 2-Page Book Club (get it?), and our Patreon. Cultivating a robust dialouge about games and the culture that surrounds them is important to us here at Scenario World and so we're happy to see so many curious players join us in our fledgling community. If you're looking for a place to listen, share, and learn about games you've found it.

Live Q&As

Every month we do a Live Q&A on our Discord which gets kicked off by a short presentation updating folks on what we've accomplished in the last 30 or so days. It's a chance for the Scenario World crew to get into greater depth about their work then would be possible on your Twitters or your FaceBooks, and talk about the how and the why. The short presentation has migrated from a powerpoint slide show to a playable JRPG - we made a game about the games we're making. The presentation always features an audience participation section that's as silly as it is quizzical which informs the continuing journies of Evil Sir Sanford Flemming (the Father of Nonstandard Time), our guide to the realm of Scenario World game development. Following the presentation we open the floor to patron and then general questions about what we're up to and typically gamer and game developer alike walk away with new insights. If you want to make an impact in the macro and the micro, participating in the Live Q&A is a must!

The playable presentations will be posted for patrons after their debut in the Discord, so if you what a chance to play your way through your own Scenario World development story we'd love you have your financial support!

2-Bit Game Club & 2-Page Book Club

Long time fans might remember the podcast and discussion group series that Liam and Brook ran years ago. When we started up a playalong group with the Scenario World community we thought it only fitting to take up the name again. While there's no podcast anymore for about a year now Senario World community members have been meeting in the discord on a weekly basis to discuss the game or reading of the month. We pick a selection of media that relates to or informs the types of games we're making, story rich things that explore human identity in the near future, but we always use community feedback when selecting the next title. Past games include Disco Elisium, Theif: The Dark Project, and BioShock. The 2-Page Book Club (tentative name) has focused mostly on philosophical and expirimental texts about trans-humanism and the current state of the future including How We Became Posthuman by Katherine Hayles, and the page turner AGRARIAN CLASS STRUCTURE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN PRE-INDUSTRIAL EUROPE. The book club certainly skews more academic than the game club but the focus is always on how to make the ideas contained within media relatable and applicable to our current day.

The content we're discovering together as a community is always changing so there's no doubt going to be something for everyone going on. Stay tuned to our Twitter to get the lastest updates on what we're digging into next.


If you're looking to help us out and empower us to do more of what we do best please consider throwing us a few bucks a month. Patrons get a bunch of different perks ranging from first dibs on Q&A submissions, access to the interactive presentation JRPG, patron only DLC, and a roesy feeling knowing you're helping to make cool game design happen. Stroll over to Patreon and check it out.

Liam Gallagher

Bandleader (Octorock, Hart House Jazz Orchestra) and Audio Engineer, both skills are now plyed simultaneously to make great sounding games